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​Prayer cloud

Carved Family Altar​

Even with the rapid advancement of technology, there is a beauty that can only be brought out by using traditional methods. In this age where we seek the new, but still have feelings for the old and the good, we value the warmth of handwork.

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- Philosophies -

In the world of Japanese traditional woodcarving, we have the phrase, "Ten years for sharpening". It is meant to be a estimate for new apprentices until they can sharpen their chisels that cuts well.When I first heard the phrase…

​-Part 1-

When you visit Shinto-shrines, you will find cloud sculptures everywhere. Cloud sculptures have been an indispensable motif in shrines and temples since ancient times. Japanese people have been…

​-Part 2-

The reason why I use Kiso-Hinoki for inori-gumo is because it is the most familiar wood to Japanese people. It is well known that "Hinoki" is mentioned in many Ancient writings. And the Kiso-Hinoki is used for Ise Shrine. The reason of…

​-The reference-
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木曽桧彫刻神棚 祈り雲 三つ渦

Small size, but with a strong presence. This is a characteristic of a product that has been painstakingly created.

​Five Eddies
木曽桧彫刻神棚 祈り雲 五つ渦

Medium size which is crafted with emphasis on balance and fluffy shape.

​Eight Eddies
木曽桧彫刻神棚 祈り雲(八つ渦)

The quintessence of a cloud-shaped Shinto altar which everything has been carefully considered.

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