Alert to False information
 Last year, false information was spread on social networking sites and search pages in a way that made it difficult to identify the source of the false impressions of inori-gumo.

The platform operators confirmed the maliciousness of the information and took immediate action to remove most of it, but it still causes some confusion to the viewers.

 In this day and age, manipulating impressions through social networking sites may be a common business practice. However, this was the first time I witnessed this being done in the field of "Shinto altars," and it was a very painful experience for me as a craftsman and a Japanese person.
 From now on, in addition to our commitment to manufacturing, we are ready to take legal action against the unjust spread of information after collecting and analyzing information with the help of experts.

 The false information that has been spread through social networking services is that Prayun is infringing on the trademark rights of other companies and is selling counterfeit products.
 Trademark rights are literally rights pertaining to trademarks (product names and logos), and it is clear that inori-gumo is not infringing. If there was any infringement, the sale of the product should have been legally stopped.

 As for the design, the shape of the inori-gumo is different from any other cloud-shaped Shinto altar, as you can see. As you can see from the fact that there have been a wide variety of cloud-shaped Shinto shelves on the market for a long time, the form of enshrining a Shinto mirror or a talisman on top of a cloud is a common configuration in Shinto, and is not a design that any particular individual or group has the right to.

 inori-gumo aims to be the best in the field of "cloud-shaped Shinto altar and talisman stand," always paying attention to quality and materials.
 We hope that you will not be confused by the above information.