Exhibition notice
【venue】​ Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art
January 18th-February 24th, 2019
10 years since the Hidesakura Foundation Study Abroad Award and "Now" Exhibition
Video of one of the exhibited works Galaxy

The exhibition is not limited to wood carving, but is a spectacular exhibition with the participation of artists of various genres such as painting, glass, ceramics, and installations.
Those who live near Okayama,
Those who go to Okayama,
Please drop in at the Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art.


There are 3 large works to be exhibited this time.
I went to bring it in, but it was a very nice museum.

The impression is completely different from the "prayer cloud" that I usually produce, but I am doing a wide range of production.

This work group was created by adding a twist to the conventional wood carving.


​State of exhibition


In addition to the Galaxy above, I also made a video of Lotus' work.

This time, I made a video using the work as a material.

If you touch the video before or after seeing the work,
I think it will be different in how you feel and how you get into the work.

For example, in music, when you listen to a song you like, you may see a promotional video (PV) for that song in your head.
PV plays a big role in enhancing the appeal of songs, and PV is usually produced for songs that you often hear .
However, video production was technically a bit special and was only used for mass-distributed movies and popular songs such as PV.

Times have changed and now anyone can make some quality footage.
Under such circumstances, this time, I added PV to the three-dimensional work.
I hope you enjoy it together.

-Transportation access to Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art    
5 minutes by tram from Okayama Station 
  3 minutes on foot from the castle 
Car: 20 minutes by car from Okayama IC.