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Q.Do you paint the finish?
No, we do not paint at all, only carving.

Q.Do you sell your products in real stores?
Currently, we do not sell Inori-gumo in stores.
We are only selling them online in the order in which they are completed.

Q.Can I install a temple talisman?
You can place anything you like.

Q. Do the prices include tax?
All prices include tax.
You can purchase the product at the price shown plus shipping.

Q. I live overseas. Can you ship overseas?
Of course . We will send it via EMS (Express Mail Service, trackable). However, there are some areas that we cannot deliver to. Please check the list of available areas for details. Or contact us from this page before purchasing. We will check if delivery is possible depending on the destination country, and will contact you with an estimated delivery time.

Q. Can I have my order wrapped as a gift?
No, we do not offer wrapping service. The product will be packed in a special box and shipped in a cardboard box.If you would like to wrap it as a gift, you can do it yourself after the product arrives.
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