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In Japan, people have a small shrine in our homes called "Kamidana". Then, we put our hands together in front of it. This is to give gratitude for the safety of our daily lives.
Inori-gumo is a modern Kamidana designed to fit the current housing style.

Japanese sculptured "Kamidana"




Inori-gumo is made by skilled craftsmen.In the traditional way, they are not painted, but finished only with carving chisels.

One by One…

祈り雲素材 (2).jpg

In the world of Japanese traditional woodcarving, we have the phrase, "Ten years for sharpening". It is meant to be a estimate for new apprentices until they can…



Inori-gumo is made of Kiso-Hinoki, which is known as the wood for the Ise Shrine. Kiso mountain range has severe winters, and the harsh climate grows high quality Hinoki. 

- easy​ Installation -
Installation takes only one minute.
No drilling tools required.
The wall-friendly installation method is ideal for
apartments and condominiums.


humble mind
Even in today, By putting our hands together, we realize the simple and humble heart that exists deep in our heart. Such a feeling is necessary for peace of mind.
Use Inori-gumo as a place to look at yourself as you are.









You can choose three different sizes.

Customers Voice

It looks even better in person than in the picture.  I can see that the craftsmen make it with care. (T.R, Kagawa Prefecture)

It arrived today. It is a very nice piece. I am very lucky to have it by chance encounter. (M.Y, Tokyo)

When I moved into my new house, I was worried about where and how to enshrine the sacred talisman I received. It is thick in a good way, and I feel at ease looking at it. (R.N, Osaka)

Anyway, it smells good and soothes me. In my daily life, many things happen, and I feel like praying for something. I feel like I can be at peace just by looking at it every day. (A.M, Kanagawa Prefecture)

- FAQ -
Q.Do you paint the finish?
No, we do not paint at all, only carving.

Q.Do you sell your products in real stores?
Currently, we do not sell Inori-gumo in stores.
We are only selling them online in the order in which they are completed.

Q.Can I install a temple talisman?
You can place anything you like.

Q. Do the prices include tax?
All prices include tax.
You can purchase the product at the price shown plus shipping.

Q. I live overseas. Can you ship overseas?
Of course . We will send it via EMS (Express Mail Service, trackable). However, there are some areas that we cannot deliver to. Please check the list of available areas for details. If you would like to ship to an overseas destination, please contact us from this page before purchasing. We will check if delivery is possible depending on the destination country, and will contact you with an estimated delivery time.

Q. Can I have my order wrapped as a gift?
No, we do not offer wrapping service. The product will be packed in a special box and shipped in a cardboard box.If you would like to wrap it as a gift, you can do it yourself after the product arrives.
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