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In order to harmonize the eight swirls of various sizes in one piece, it is necessary to always look at the whole. Carving is done with care so as not to become focused on a single part.


Compared to carving from a single piece of wood, stacking watermarked carvings creates a space within a single carving, allowing you to express the "lightness" of clouds floating in the sky. In addition, the overlapping shadows and interwoven curves give the overall shape a multi-layered three-dimensional effect.


The name comes from Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi (also known as the Kusanagi sword), one of the Three Sacred Treasures that appears in the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki. "Sword of Ama no Murakumo" is a sword that Takehaya Susano no Mikoto, the younger brother of Amaterasu Omikami, obtained from the tail of Yamata no Orochi after slaying Yamata no Orochi. It was named Ten no Murakumo no Tsurugi because there was always a crowd of clouds.
In this work, "Ama no Murakumo", I tried to create a decorative form that has both a mythical atmosphere and elegance, with clouds gathering in the sky as a motif.

叢雲裏面2 (Creemaサイズ).jpg

On the back of the front material, we embed a round nut, which is also used for furniture, and tighten it with a bolt that penetrates the rear material.
It is very firmly fixed, but if for some reason repairs are necessary, or if you want to do a deep cleaning, you can loosen the bolts and separate the front and back members. I'm doing it.

叢雲裏面3 (Creemaサイズ).jpg

​About installation

Install the special fixings and hang the brass metal fittings on the back side on the fixings.

Fixtures can be installed on various walls by selecting the method using gypsum board pins or the method using screws.

It is an installation method that anyone can easily install and has sufficient strength.

叢雲裏面1 (Creemaサイズ).jpg

The material(Kiso-Hinoki)

Kiso-hinoki is a kind of Japanese cypress that grows in the Kiso mountain range. The severe cold winters in this region produce high quality cypress with tightly packed annual rings.



価格  528,000円(税込み)


Request flow

Amano Murakumo starts production after receiving an order.

The transaction flow is as follows.

① If you wish to purchase, please put it in the shopping cart and follow the purchase procedure as usual. The amount to be paid at this time is a deposit.

②After confirming the payment, we will inform you about the delivery date and the balance payment by e-mail.

(3) Wait for completion (approximately 2 months).

④After completion, we will contact you by email (completion photo attached).

⑤Once you have confirmed the payment, please transfer the remaining balance.

⑥ As soon as we can confirm the payment, we will ship the work.

------ Notes ------

*The remaining balance can only be paid by bank transfer.
*We will bear the handling fee. Please deposit the amount after deducting the transfer fee from the balance.

*After completion, we will send you an email with photos taken from multiple directions.


Please see the link below for more information about our production process.




​Introduction of the prayer cloud series

​Souten cloud
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