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​carved family altar Inori-gumo

Three Swirls

The three swirls are family altars that are just the size of a single talisman. The shape has been refined over the course of many productions.
Although the size is a little modest, we often receive comments that it has a strong presence. This sense of presence is a curious feature of products that are created with great care and attention by human hands.
祈り雲素材 (4).jpg
The closer we get to completion, the more this sense of presence grows. There are three main things that are important in the creation of inori-gumo.
Even though they are modest in size, objects with a strong presence can be a good accent in a room.

Easy installation

Simply attach the enclosed studs to the strong magnets on the back and press it against the wall. No tools are required and anyone can easily install it.

For family and friends

Enjoy the subtle scent of Kiso-Hinoki that spreads when you open the thin paper. It is a popular choice for home use and as a gift for loved ones.

三つ渦箱パッケージ (1)-min.JPG

The material(Kiso-Hinoki)

Kiso-hinoki is a kind of Japanese cypress that grows in the Kiso mountain range. The severe cold winters in this region produce high quality cypress with tightly packed annual rings.



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"Thank you very much for your wonderful product. Of all the other cloud altars available, woodworks' design was perfect for my taste. I will use it with great care."

Thank you for reading. 
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​Five Swirls
新背景min (25).jpg
​Eight Swirls
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