IIt is made of Kiso-Hinoki, just like the regular Eight-Swirls, but it is made of plantation wood instead of natural wood.

Also, there are knots on the surface, so the price is more reasonable than the regular Eight-Swirls.


This plantation wood has wider annual rings than natural wood, and the difference in shade is greater.


As a result, the grain of the wood often undulates along the shape of a cloud, giving it a sense of movement.


There are some knots in the wood, but it is recommended for those who prefer a more wood-like appearance.



Width: 400mm

Height: 110mm

Depth: 55mm

Depth of the part where the sacred fuda is placed: about 17mm


/Please allow for slight variations due to handwork.



Kiso hinoki

Two glass bottles: 22 mm in diameter, 50 mm in depth


Included parts

Positioning guide 1 piece

4 mounting pieces

12 fine pins

Special fittings 2 pcs

4 screws (for wooden walls)


~See the video below for installation instructions.

You can watch the video below.

Fasten the dedicated hardware with the pins for plasterboard.

If the wall surface is wood, use screws.

In either case, all the necessary parts are enclosed in the package.


Imperfect product Eight Swirls

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