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Five Swirls is a medium size in the inori-gumo series.



◇ Inori-gumo Five Swirls can be easily installed by anyone without hardware.

◇ This is made of Kiso-Hinoki, the same material used in Ise Shrine.

◇ Each piece is individually finished by a woodcarver using chisels.

◇ Plants can be placed on both sides.


There are different designs and sizes in the Inori-gumo series. Please choose the one that best suits your room.


-How to set up?-

Attach the enclosed metal plate on the wall by plasterboard pins (if the wall surface is wood, use screws).

The back of the inorigumo has three strong magnets embedded in it, so attach the back of the inorigumo to the metal plate and installation is complete.

Each magnet is embedded in two layers, so it is strong enough.

There is no need to prepare any installation hardware.

setting information video↓↓



size: W27cm / H10cm / D5.3cm



2 glass jars (Φ22mm×50mm)

3 points Strong magnet(back side)


-accessory parts-

mounting piece 2 pcs

6 thin pins

2 screws (for use on wooden walls only)

original metal plate 1 sheet


Inori-gumo Five Swirls

SKU: 5005
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