This is a defective product of inori-gumo three swirls.

The price is more reasonable than the regular product.

Please look at the pictures and check the reason for the problem before purchasing.


If you are looking for a product that does not have a reason, please go to the "Regular Three Swirls Introduction Page".



◇ Inori-gumo Three Swirls can be easily installed by anyone without the need for tools.

◇ Inori-gumo is made of Kiso cypress, the same material used in Ise Shrine.

◇ Each piece is individually finished by a woodcarver using chisels.


※The inori-gumo series is available in different designs and sizes.

Please choose the prayer cloud that best fits your room!


【How to install】

In the back, there are strong magnets inlaid.

stick the attached tacks and press it against the wall.

There is no need to install any special hardware.

setting information video





width 205-210mm,

height 90mm,

depth 40-41mm

(Note that there may be slight differences due to manual work.)



・Kiso-Hinoki(similar to cypress)

・two strong magnets on the back (each magnet is two layers)



・Small size


【slightly defective product】 Inori-gumo Three Swirls

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