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​Eight Swirls

​carved family altar Inori-gumo


Quintessence of inori-gumo

The eight swirls is the largest size in the series. Each swirl, from the smallest to the most massive, has been composed with consideration for balance.

In order to harmonize the eight swirls of various sizes in one piece, it is necessary to always look at the whole. Carving is done with care so as not to become focused on a single part.

新背景min (17).jpg

There are more shrines with "8 (Hachi)" in their names than any other in Japan. The number "eight" has been considered a good number since ancient times, and I incorporated it into the design.


新背景min (16).jpg

 Glass bottles are embedded on both sides to hold a sakaki (plant). If you want to simply enshrine only the talismans, you can remove the glass bottles, and the space will be large enough for three talismans.


Wall-friendly installation

Use the enclosed hardware. Wall-friendly installation using pins for plasterboard is especially appreciated by renters.


The material(Kiso-Hinoki)

Kiso-hinoki is a kind of Japanese cypress that grows in the Kiso mountain range. The severe cold winters in this region produce high quality cypress with tightly packed annual rings.

Please see the link below for more information about our production process.



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